Over 30 years of experience powered by our services

Majorel has always developed new products in close cooperation and proximity to its customers in order to:

Allow them to make the most use of its products thanks to a highly personalized technical service all along their use:

With an experienced and energetic team, we now cover more than 20 countries across the world, mainly in Africa, Middle East, Europe and Asia.

Our sales and technical team make regular visits to our customers in order to further enhance our customers’ productivity.

Our customers have been able to benefit greatly from our knowledge of the latest technological advancements in the field of polyurethane foams.

Our main achievements with our customers was to optimize production rates, improve product quality and develop new applications by using the latest chemical and plastic materials innovations.

Huge customer benefits have been achieved, for example, in reducing production costs and increasing product quality and diversity.

Provide a complete supply-chain and customized logistic services:

Our Supply-Chain department is at the forefront of all logistical solutions, whether they are with suppliers or customers. This makes our partners’ business simpler and more flexible.

With our depth knowledge of planning innovative logistical solutions, studying their feasibility and implementing them we are able to ensure that our deliveries are quicker and more efficient.

MAJOREL works as a partner with the leading maritime companies and freight forwarders from all over the world to make sure that we give the best service at all times.

Our Customer Service department team adapts to different cultural and country specific process when dealing with customers. It is a hub acting as the link between our suppliers and our customers, ensuring that we have a personalized and efficient link with every one of our customers.

Find the best payment solutions and funding according to their needs and expectations:

Having been involved in distributing to emerging markets for over 10 years, MAJOREL has developed a great knowledge about our markets and customers.

Our “Credit Management” department draws upon his expert knowledge to analyse and suggest solutions that will guarantee and deliver sales.

Alternatives can be suggested for payment types and terms, for document management and transfers, and even for shipments.

Once again, the idea is to find suitable, flexible and efficient solutions that fit each situation.

To fund its operations and growth, MAJOREL works in partnership with leading global banks, which guarantee its solid capacity to operate.