Catalysts : EXAMINE® & EXATIN®


EXATIN® and EXAMINE® are ranges of catalysts especially designed for the production of flexible polyurethane foams. These catalysts are completely compatible with polyether polyols.

Product Viscosity
(25°C, cSt)
Index OH
(Mg K OH/g)
Water Solubility Induced reaction Intensity Download
EXAMINE® DMEA 25 470 Yes Expansion Intense Technical datasheet
EXAMINE® XTD33 125 560 Yes Expansion et Jellification Intense Technical datasheet
EXAMINE® XMP 22 440 Yes Expansion Very Intense Technical datasheet
EXATIN® XT9 350 NA No Jellification Very Intense Technical datasheet
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1. Acceleration of polymerization reaction

2. Well known activities and very flexible use



EXAMINE® range is conditioned in kegs of 25Kg.

EXATIN® range is conditioned in kegs of 25Kg.