Systems : EXAPUR®


EXAPUR® is a full range of polyurethanne systems formulated for different applications. They are composed of two products A and B designed to react together in the appropiate equipement in order to achieve the right reaction.

Product Application Cream time Thread time

Full rise time

Density - Free expansion


EXAPUR® RS301 RIGID FOAM BY PROJECTION 3 sec 8 sec 16 sec 28 -31 Technical datasheet
EXAPUR® RP303 RIGID FOAM BY INJECTION 23 sec 2 min 40 sec 3 min 30 sec 30 - 32 Technical datasheet
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1. Very good processability

2. Compatibles with all appropriate equipment

3. Characteristics meeting many standards



EXAPUR® range is conditioned in drums of 225kg A product and 250 kg B product.